Online Registration Deadlines

Please realize that Renaissance Adventures runs experiential education programs. We do not offer child care or “drop in” services because each program is in fact a class that is tailored toward the participants. While we often can accept late registrations – sometimes up to the time of the program itself – there is no guarantee that we will be able to accommodate campers at the last minute.  Also, we often have a wait list that is given priority.  Late registrations are assessed a late fee.

  • Access to online registration for most programs ends on Thursday midnight before the program.
  • Online registration for Heroes Academy overnight programs ends the Friday a week before the start date.
  • If you do not register for a program by the time online registration ends, there is still a possibility of enrolling in the program. However, this is considered a “late registration.” This incurs a $45 late registration fee, required extra paperwork, and program uncertainty. See below for details.

Late Registration

Online registration for each program closes at midnight the Thursday before the program begins (exception: for overnights, it is a full week before the program). While we do our best to accommodate last-minute registrations, we cannot guarantee that there will be space available. If you register for a program or decide to change into or out of a session after online registration has closed, there will be an additional $45 late registration fee applied to the price.

To apply late for a program, you will still need to register online, but you will only see options that say “late registration inquiry.” Processing the application and paying is required to apply, and you will receive an automatically generated confirmation email, but you are not yet fully enrolled. To verify enrollment, please contact the office directly. We attempt to confirm with late registrants on the Sunday before the program, but if you do not receive a call or email from us, it does not mean you are either enrolled or denied.

Finally, for all late registrants, expect to spend at least 15 minutes at the site filling out paperwork on the first day. You may be required to do so even if you have already filled it electronically.

Online Registration Details

  • A $25 administrative fee is charged for the first program that you register for in a calendar year. This off-sets the costs we incur for transferring and updating our complex database and program requirements.
  • Health Forms must be completed before joining a program. After you create your account (or after you register for the first program in the calendar year), you must also complete this form. If you do not complete all necessary forms by the online registration deadline, you will be assessed a $25 fee and likely need to fill out a paper copy when you arrive at the program. Even if you complete a paper copy, you still must submit an online copy.
  • Afterschool Programs do not require that the $25 administrative fee be charged. Furthermore, if the program takes place at the school that your child attends, you do not need to complete a Health Form unless the child has special health needs. Also note that some afterschool programs are registered through the school itself. See Programs without online registration for a list of these schools.
  • Some programs are not available through our CampBrain online registration. See Programs without online registration for these programs.
  • Remember, we have plenty of discounts available, including the Early Bird Discount (ends April 1st), Multi-Session Discount, Opportunity Discount, Sibling Discount, Refer-a-Friend Discount, Testimonial Discount, and even scholarships. See the Discounts & Packages for more information.
  • Forgot your user name and/or password? Click the link in your CampBrain account to reset your username or password, or contact us and we will send you a link to retrieve it.

Discounts & Fees

Policy Name Policy Type $ Notes
Registration Fee Fee $25 Applies to the first program per calendar year, excepting after-school & short programs.
Late Registration Fee Fee $45 Applies if you register for a program after the registration deadline has passed.
Session Change Fee Fee $15 Applies if you change which session you’re registered for. No charge to change before May 1.
Cancellation Fee Fee * We do not charge a fee for cancellation, but see our Cancellation Policy for what refunds or credits you may qualify for. Fees are not refunded or credited when a program is cancelled.
Missing Forms Fee Fee $25 Applies if you do not fill out you do not complete all necessary forms by the online registration deadline. Additionally, you will likely need to fill out a paper copy when you arrive at the program, and still must submit an online copy.
Early Bird Discount Discount $15 Applies to each program you register for before April 1st. See details.
Refer-a-Friend Credit Discount $100 If you recruit a new household and they sign up for at least one five-day program, you could qualify for this credit. See details.
New Quester Discount Discount $100 Applies to first-time Questers who register for a five-day program. See details.
Three Week Discount Discount $100 Applies when you register for 3 or more four- or five-day quests in one summer. See details.
Testimonial Discount Discount $25/50%  Share your review of us on social media or a review site and receive $25 off an Adventure Quest birthday party or 50% off an after-school Sword Skirmish. See details.
Sibling Discount Discount 5% An automatic discount that applies when at least two siblings register for the same session at the same location  during the same season. See details.
Opportunity Discount Discount 40% Applies select sites, first come first served. Intended to help families in need of financial assistance, no questions asked. See details.