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Our summer day quests are children’s programs of up to a week long where the “Questers” are dropped off in the morning, picked up in the afternoon, and between those times, they embark upon an exciting adventure at a local park. Each week is a new quest with its own unique set of challenges, such as reading a coded map, battling monsters, riddling with tricky leprechauns, negotiating a peace treaty between the dwarves and goblins… there is guessing as to what might happen! As they journey, the Questers earn new powers, find treasure, and perform noteworthy deeds, all of which is recorded so that they may make use of these in successive quests.

Based upon the length of the program, the age range, and the Questers’ interests, our day quest programs are crafted as experiential education through a co-created live-action roleplaying game. In essence, these are extraordinarily fun classes give children the opportunity to develop decision making, critical thinking, teamwork, communication, ethical reasoning, and many other 21st century skills. See more information about our experiential education outcomes.

2020 Program Fees

Half Day (9 am-2 am) $339. per week

3/4 Day (8:30 am-3 pm) $429. per week

Full Day (8:30 am-4:30 pm) $519. per week

Overnight Camp (7/7-7/10, 2020) $685.

*Sessions shorter than one week are prorated

Program Types

We offer the following programs as week long day programs in the summer, or as 1-5 day holiday programs on school holidays like spring break, winter break, Thanksgiving, and other days off.

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