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Leap into a Summer of Adventure!

Since 1995, Renaissance Adventures has offered summer camps where the kids become the heroes of a dynamic and exciting adventure. It is not just a summer camp but a week-long experience that is fun and extraordinary. Each week is a different quest with its own plot, theme, and challenges.

In Adventure Quest, participants choose mythic archetypes and powers, band together as a team, solve riddles and dilemmas, negotiate treaties, interact with interesting characters, and swashbuckle with foes using safe foam swords. In small groups of about six children, everyone gets a chance to shine and be the hero of a mythic quest!  Sci-Fi enthusiasts might try our Star Quest camp where Adventure Quest and Science Fiction collide!

Other summer camp offerings include Tabletop RPG (Roleplaying Game) camps where campers learn strategy and negotiating skills.  In Dungeon Delvers, campers play Dungeons and Dragons® with our expert gamemasters!  For Magic the Gathering®  enthusiasts, our Magic Cards & Games camps allow tabletop PRG fans to battle through epic Magic Cards tournaments and to explore other exciting, fantasy-based games.

Award-Winning Summer Camp

Voted “Best Summer Camp” multiple times (Yellow Scene’s Best of the West Award), “Top Five Summer Camps” (Colorado Parent’s Family Favorites Award), and numerous mentions from newspapers, educators, and of course, parents and kids, it’s no wonder why we have been a local favorite since 1995.

Why kids and parents choose us

  • A New Adventure Every Time

  • We welcome ALL campers!  Read our Inclusivity Statement here.

  • Small Groups of 6 Kids per Adult = Individual Attention

  • Excellent Staff with Extensive Training

  • Dynamic Activities & Challenges, Unique to the Co-created Story

  • Experiential Education Outcomes: Ethical Reasoning, Fitness, Creativity, Critical Thinking, Decision Making, and Others

  • Over 25 Years of Experience

  • Front Range Locations: Boulder Summer Camps, Denver Summer Camps, Littleton Summer Camps

Best. Camp. Ever. Provides a safe, carefree, playful environment and loads of creativity and imagination – which should be the realm of all kids, especially during the summer! The Quest Leaders are fantastic. In my kids’ words, their leader was “amazingly, absolutely, positively, magically awesome!” RA has been their favorite summer camp, hands down, for 4 or 5 years now.
Courtney Buck

We offer the following programs every summer:

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