We bring the quest to you

Host an adventure at your location, customized for your needs

Invite your friends across the neighborhood; we bring the quest to you!

Quest at your location and time! If you know a band of heroes that would love to go on a quest, but none of our offerings fit your timing or are too far away, consider hosting a Home Quest. The host family needs to meet certain requirements, but also gets a discount for their child with a full group of 6 campers.

Ages: 6-17

Available Programs:

Location:  Boulder Country and the greater metro Denver area

Participants: Minimum of 4, Maximum of 6 per group

Pick your favorite program from our different program types. You decide the exact times, locations, and groupings. Host discounts are available when there are six registered children.

Home Quests can be just for children or teens, college, or you can have us lead a Family Quest for mixed-ages, to involve parents, kids, and even grandparents in the adventure! See below for details.

Family Quests

Wonder what all of the excitement is about? Come join your child in a quest specially designed for families!

Adults and children create and playact the heroes of a fun and dynamic quest, working together in a mythical and magical world to overcome challenges, solve riddles, brainstorm solutions, and swashbuckle with foes.

Family quest is a great bonding experience that will quickly become a favorite family activity.