Home Study Mentors for Families and Pods

We can provide a Quest Leader Mentor for homework or homeschooling your children or pod of children.


RA’s Quest Leaders are available to work with your children and their classmates for home study and homeschooling activities in your yard and/or home. What better way to motivate your children in their school work than to have our creative and professional staff inspiring them in their work, coaching them when appropriate, and giving breaks and rewards through active outdoor sword games and questing? 

For Your Family or a Pod of Classmates

We can provide a mentor for your children, or you can invite several of your children’s classmates to form a “pod” to study together of up to six children (or potentially more). 

Quest Leaders Motivate Your Children

Your children respect and enjoy our Quest Leaders, and love questing. That’s why we feel our Quest Leaders would be excellent at supervising and motivating your children in their school work through the reward of questing. 


Although a few of our staff are licensed teachers who have worked in the school system or have provided tutoring, most are not qualified to be tutors. We are not offering this service as a tutoring service; however, our staff can help your children with specific questions, homework, and subjects. They can also research topics they do not understand that your child needs coaching in. During the times the children are focused on schoolwork our staff will be coaching when appropriate and supporting their focus and follow-through.

Creating the Pod’s Goals

We work with you to create the goals of your children or your pod of children. Together we will determine how much time is for focused studying, how often breaks will be allowed, what the reward criteria are for questing, and how much time to quest. 

You Provide the Space and Study Materials

Our staff brings their creative brilliance, playfulness, and excellent skills in motivating and working with children. Our staff facilitates physical safety and emotional safety in the group. The host family provides the physical space for home study (outdoors and/or indoors at one of the homes of the participants, or alternating amongst participants’ homes).  The parents will provide their child’s study materials and curriculum, as created by you or their school as well as snack and lunch. 

The Difference between Home Quest and Home Study Pod Mentoring

A Home Quest is primarily an Adventure Quest activity at your home or nearby park. Home Study Pod Mentoring is primarily to support your children in their home study activities, with a portion of the time being Adventure Quest activities as the reward for successfully focusing on the schoolwork. 

Location and Times

Our Staff comes to your home in the Boulder County and Denver Metro area. You may book your Mentor between three hours and  8 hours on any given day. 


We have discounted our prices for Home Study Mentoring. The base hourly rate for mentoring up to four participants is $40 per hour. If you have more than four participants then we will add an additional $10 per hour for each of the additional children. There may be additional charges for travel depending upon location and number of hours of the program.  Financial assistance may be available for this program.  

 Contact us for more information- info@renaissanceadventures.com