Fun After-School Adventures!

Since 1995, Renaissance Adventures has offered Adventure Quest after-school programs in Boulder, Colorado. Through our interactive Adventure Quest game, we provide experiential education in via storytelling, theater, improvisation, and fun physical exercise with our safe foam “Swasher sword” sports equipment.

We often offer one “Quest” for 4-8 continuous weeks, with each week a chapter in the story that the Questers help to create.

Adventure Quest can is combined with creative writing in our Quest & Quill program, in which students write stories based on their adventures.


  • Renaissance Adventures does not have the ability to send confirmation emails for most programs. Please do not expect a confirmation email from us.
  • Please have students bring clothing appropriate to quest outside as much as possible – including boots, hat, and gloves for cold, snowy weather!
  • If you own your own foam sword, please check with the school for their policy about bringing these to schools. Renaissance Adventures has permission to bring our foam swords for the afterschool program, but not every school allows kids to bring these for the school day.

Current After-School Programs

Bring Renaissance Adventures to my school

Interested in having a Quest after-school program at your school?

Does your child want to be part of an on-going Quest program after school? If there are 4-7 children interested, and a willing school, we’ll bring our Adventure Quest program to you!

Contact us and we’ll be happy to set one up!

For Teachers and Youth Leaders

Renaissance Adventures can host a number of different programs, customized to the needs of your group, class, troupe, or pack. Activities range from fun and fast-paced Sword Skirmish events, to team building scenarios and challenges, to an in-depth series of Adventure Quest classes where the participants are the heroes of a mythic quest.

Testimonials from educators

Renaissance Adventures has captured the hearts and minds of our students. The Quest Leaders have fun with the children and create a climate of respect and creativity.

Polly Donald, Director of Friends School, Boulder

We at Horizon’s have been greatly impressed by the programs offered at Renaissance Adventures. Their talent to inspire creative, imaginative play, blended with their ability to actively interact with our students in a fun, safe, and nurturing manner has made the classes very popular with the students in our school.

Kim Hanson, Community Liaison for Horizon’s School, Boulder

Renaissance Adventures is a wonderful, unique experience. As a teacher, I really appreciate that the children learn while having so much fun. As a parent, I love how caring and concerned the staff are for the children.

Jeff Hamilton, Teacher at September School, Boulder

This fine program quickly captures the imagination of children and at the same time teaches important interaction and problem solving skills that empower the child and create an open pathway toward the challenges of real everyday life.

Titanya Monique Dahlin, Teacher, Waldorf Education

We had a fantastic immersion week with Renaissance Adventures! The Quest Leader was awesome and the students had a wonderful time. A lot of them asked, “Are you going to offer this class again, because I want to sign up!”

Tracy Voreis, Teacher, Challenge School

For more information about the educational benefits of our programs, see our teaching philosophy, our Experiential Education Outcomes, and articles about experiential education through LARPs, and benefits of roleplaying games

Inquire about bringing our programs to your school