Interested in earning treasure between quests? Would you like to improve your sword dueling skills, craft Swashers and armor, or learn about a historical era through live-action roleplaying scenarios? Renaissance Adventures offers ongoing program add-ons like Treasure for Chores, and occasional workshops and specialty classes for children & teens when our instructors and seasonal schedule permits.

Ongoing programs

Treasure for Chores

Earn Quest Rewards for Achieving Personal Goals!

With Treasure for Chores, you and your children decide upon achievable daily, weekly, and monthly goals. Goals can be anything you both agree on, and could be in several areas of your life, such as homework, house chores, or fitness.

Track your child’s progress. When they reach a goal, they earn Treasure Coins. Trade in your Treasure Coins for in-game Experience Points, magical artifacts, silver, or other treasures. Renaissance Adventures adds that to your character sheet for your next quest. Let us help motivate your child to success!

Treasure for Chores is custom add-on program that can be combined with any of our other programs.

Download our Treasure for Chores Welcome Packet for details, and contact us to set up a program for your child.

Upcoming programs

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