Knight CIT - Teen Leadership Skills

Teen Leadership Opportunities in Colorado!

The Knight CIT offering at Renaissance Adventures is a unique leadership program where the teens become the mentor to a group of younger kids and assistant to our adult counselors. By engaging in one of our exciting programs (such as Adventure Quest), Knight CITs help with activities, challenges, storytelling, plot dynamics, characters, safety, and leadership.

To be a Knight CIT, the teen must be at least 14 years old, have passed Knighthood Training, and be in good standing.

Knighthood Training Details

  • 2020 Dates: For Boulder: Monday, June 1st through Friday, June 5th.  For Denver: Monday, June 8th through Friday, June 12th.
  • Time: 10:00 am – 4:00 pm.
  • Location: Meet near the main entrance of the Boulder Public Library (Arapahoe side) or at Denver Waldorf School.
  • Price: $240 for new and returning CITs.  No charge for Master and Grandmaster CITs to attend.  All Knight CITs must own an Adventure Quest Game Book (available for purchase through the registration page).
  • Register: Enroll online and find “Knighthood Training” during “Week 2 at Central Boulder” or “Week 3 at Denver Waldorf.”

All would-be and current Knights (including Master and Grandmaster Knights) must attend Knighthood Training, with some exceptions (see “Squires” below). Renaissance Adventures does not offer any other time to become a Knight CIT except during training. However, those that passed Knighthood Training during a previous year may be able to keep their Knighthood rank for the current year without joining training if they have demonstrated adequate scores on their Knight CIT Evaluations. This is not recommended and should only be considered if the teen cannot attend the training.

Training PacketCIT Program - Teen Mentorship

Download our Knight CIT Packet with information about the program, including training details, expectations and tips for how to be a good CIT. It includes a questionnaire for the Knight-to-be to fill out and give back to us.


What is a Squire? These are would-be Knights that are not yet full Knights because:
1. They are not yet 14 years old;
2. They did not pass the knighthood test; or
3. They live far from the training location and are unable to attend. In this
case, the teen must have attended camp as a Quester at least twice, and the Quest Leaders must verify
that the teen makes a good candidate. The Squire may undergo a one-week trial period to
prove that they would make a good Knight, after which a decision is made. Note that you
must be 14+ to take advantage of this system and the cost is the same as a Quester.

Please note, Squires act in the same capacity as a Knight CIT even though they have not attended Training or taken the Knighthood Test. A Squire will undergo a one-week trial period to demonstrate that she or he would make a good Knight. At the end of the trial week, the Quest Leader decides whether the Squire can join as a Knight at apprentice rank, needs one more week as a Squire for proper evaluation, or is not yet ready to become a Knight. If a Squire is enrolled for more than one week, future weeks registered as a Knight are dependent upon the Squire trial period.

To register as a squire, please contact the RA office.  A squire will attend a week long camp session, taking one of our 6 camper spots in the group.  As they will be taking a camper spot, there is not a CIT discount for Squires.  Squire tuition is the same as the camper tuition for the session that you choose.

Program Locations

Knighthood Training happens once a year, in early summer at Central Boulder.

After attending training, Knight CITs can sign up to accompany a group of Questers at these locations:

Program Details

  • Ages 14 to 18 years old (may train at age 13)

  • Assists Quest Leader in mentoring groups of ~6 questers

  • Opportunities to develop storytelling, acting, and leadership skills

  • Opportunities to create interesting challenges & develop characters

  • Grouped with preferred age of students, when possible

  • For other teen programs, see Friday Game Night. See also options for Alumni

See details & dates of upcoming programs:

Program Calendar

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