Adventure Quest

Mythic Adventures for Ages 7+

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What is Adventure Quest?

In Adventure Quest™, the children and teens become the heroes of an incredibly fun and dynamic quest, working together in a mythical and magical world to overcome interesting challenges, solve mystifying riddles, brainstorm unique solutions to puzzling dilemmas, and swashbuckle with foes. Participants choose mythic archetypes and powers and band together as a team to defend their village, solve a perplexing mystery, or negotiate a peace treaty. In small groups of about six children, everyone gets a chance to shine and be the hero of a mythic quest!

Wielding safe foam Swasher swords, the children play dueling games and act out challenges like fending off a bullying ogre or a thieving band of pirates, in an environment that teaches good sportsmanship, fair-play, and respect for others. Then they exercise their minds as they try to piece together the clues in a coded riddle and follow a map to buried treasure. Questers end the program feeling empowered, excited, and full of stories to tell.

Adventure Quest is offered at our summer camps, afterschool programs, holiday camps and birthday parties.  Offering: Boulder Summer Camps, Longmont Summer Camps, Louisville Summer Camps, Denver Summer Camps, and Littleton Summer Camps

See our program calendar for a list of upcoming Adventure Quest programs near you and for information on rates, ages, and more!

Want to learn more? See our Tour of Adventure Quest and watch our video.

Program Locations

Adventure Quest is available at these locations:

  • West Boulder at Eben G. Fine Park
  • West Boulder at Lilac Grove by the Boulder Public Library
  • East Boulder at Mackintosh Academy
  • Longmont at Left Hand Creek Park
  • Louisville at Cottonwood Park
  • Denver Waldorf School
  • Sloans Lake Park
  • Berkeley Lake Park
  • Clement Park, Littleton

Program Details