Summer Day Quests & Online Summer Camps

Summer Programs

One of the most unique in-person and online summer camps available, our award-winning programs will give your child an experience to remember!
Summer Programs

Home Quests

Gather your friends and bring the quest to your own neighborhood!
Home Quest

Online Summer Camps

Our Online Dungeon Delvers (D&D tabletop RPG) and Adventure Quest programs bring a magical adventure into your home!
Online Summer Camps

School Year Programs


Exciting after-school adventures! Through our interactive Adventure Quest game, we provide experiential education in via storytelling, theater, improvisation, and fun physical exercise.
Afterschool Programs

Holiday Programs

Out of school? Chances are we're running a quest! Thanksgiving, Winter Break, Spring Break and special spooky Halloween quests are just the beginning.
Holidays & School Days Off


We run birthday parties, Friday night tabletop game sessions, drop-in Sword Skirmishes, Sunday Afternoon Adventures, sword-dueling booths at festivals, and immersive overnight Heroes Academy programs
Weekend Programs

Fun Programs for Kids & Teens in Colorado

Be the hero of a mythic quest with dynamic stories, battles, riddles, maps and more! 
Adventure Quest

Star Quest, a Science Fiction Camp for kids 10+

Intrepid sci-fi adventures in space in this live-action roleplaying experience!
Star Quest

Craft exciting tales with Adventure Quest interwoven with creative writing projects!
Quest & Quill