Fall 2020 Positions for Hire

Required Skills & Experience: 

  • Required: 18 years of age and older (some exceptions for Grandmaster CITs).
  • Required: Experience working with children and/or teens
  • Required: Improvisational acting and storytelling skills
  • Required: High energy and physical fitness for hiking and swashbuckling
  • Required: Friendly with a sense of humor (the kids who come to our camp are coming to have fun!)
  • Required: A love for the fantasy genre (we play a fantasy-themed live-action roleplaying game with the kids)
  • Required: A willingness to learn and practice non-coercive leadership
  • Required: Great communication skills
  • Optional: Experience playing and/or leading roleplaying games (live-action or tabletop)
  • Optional: Conflict resolution skills, team building, and leadership skills, training in therapy or childhood education
  • Optional: Martial arts, swordsmanship, arts and crafts
  • Being a Quest Leader is physically demanding (hiking and swashbuckling with a group of 5-6 children or teens ), and requires maturity, professionalism, physical endurance, patience, conflict resolution skills, and great playfulness and compassion.


  • $15+/hour for Site Supervisor at our various sites.
  • $15/hour for off-season afterschool and holiday camp Quest Leading.
  • $20/hour for weekend in-person birthday parties
  •  .50 cents per mile round-trip travel payments for all programs of 4 hours in length or less, such as birthday parties and some afterschool programs.

Hiring Process

  • AUDITIONS: Applicants who show the most potential in their Job Application, are invited to participate in a group improvisational acting, storytelling, and roleplaying audition. Two to four applicants and the Director, Mark, meet and play acting games together. You do not need to prepare anything for the audition. This is a requirement for being hired (potential of exceptions and Skype auditions). 

  • FINAL INTERVIEW:  Meet with the Director, Mark, to learn more about the job and answer interview questions.

  • STAFF TRAINING:  Training includes First Aid and CPR certification, skills for working with children, conflict resolution, and how to lead the Adventure Quest Live-Action Roleplaying as an experiential education program for children and teens.

  • HIRED: All staff must have a social security number for being an employee, and all will have a background check done on them. We require all staff to be mandatory reporters of child abuse (if you suspect abuse in the home environment or elsewhere, you are required to report on it).

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