Social and Emotional Learning

Since 1995, the vision of Renaissance Adventures has been to provide experiential education through live-action roleplaying games.  Renaissance Adventures and the Adventure Quest camps and classes develop the “whole child”, including a strong emphasis on social and emotional learning.

Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) is naturally integrated within the context of Adventure Quest programs. As the students participate as heroes within a mythical and magical story, they confront challenges as a team. Not only does working together as a team employ SEL opportunities, but many of the plot points themselves are planned to develop the participants’ social skills. In fact, every Adventure Quest storyline is written with challenges that are intentionally designed to engage the whole child. 

 Quest Outcomes Supporting SEL Include:

  • Self-Awareness: Questers communicate and evaluate the heroes’ goals, strengths, and vulnerabilities.
  • Responsible Decision-Making: Participants must agree upon a course of action, even when there is no obvious “right” answer and the fate of the quest hinges upon the decision. Poor or unethical decisions have natural consequences that encourage questers to make more positive decisions as the quest continues.
  • Relationship Skills: Collaborative problem-solving requires the entire group to share and coordinate ideas to overcome tough situations.
  • Social Awareness: When all the characters within the story – both antagonists and allies – are “round” and sophisticated, exhibiting both benevolent and dishonorable traits participants build empathy and work to understand where others are coming from.
  • Adaptability: Setbacks and perceived failures allow participants to practice coping with disappointment. They learn to move past the disappointment and work together to creatively find new strategies to overcome the challenges.


Watch our video for a true taste of the magic of Adventure Quest!

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Here’s what parents are saying:

“Our kiddo has now been going to RA for several years and is currently involved as a CIT. They told me that they love RA because not only is it fun but it brings together body, mind, and imagination every day! RA holds a special place in our family’s life and we are looking forward to another fantastic summer!”  Angela J. from Boulder

“My daughter (age 13) has been attending Renaissance Adventure camps for several years and has really enjoyed it! She likes the imaginative and storytelling element and it encourages the group to work together. It is rare to find programs that meet the interests of children from a wide age range, and I think Renaissance Adventures does this successfully. It also meets the needs of children who enjoy physical challenges/ sword fighting, or who are more into the puzzles and the story element. She has always felt safe and socially at ease in these camps.” Rebecca A. from Lafayette