We sometimes can accept campers whose age falls below the minimum required age.  We ask a few questions to determine whether adding a younger child to the roster will be a success:

  1. Is the child relatively close in age to the minimum age?
  2. Do we have or expect to have other children attending that at the youngest end of the age bracket and do we still have room in our youngest groups?
  3. Has your child attended other programs of similar length? ( ex. if they are 5 years old and have never attended an 8-hour long day, they may not be ready to successfully participate in such a long program)
  4.  Are the parents willing to pull their child mid-session if their child is struggling in a way that is taking away from the experience of the rest of the group?

Young Camper policy:  If we can answer yes to the above questions, we will consider accepting a young camper into a program on a case-by-case basis.  Parents need to contact our office team to discuss the pros and cons of their child attending.  If their child does get approval to attend, our office staff will assist in registering the child to bypass the age restrictions.  Finally, if we accept a young camper into a program and they are not thriving in a way that is taking away from the experience of the other participants in the group, we may ask that the child not continue the week.  If this happens, there will be no refund or credit for the unused days.