Spotlight on Unique Boulder County Schools!

Are you aware of these excellent unique private schools in Boulder County?


The Boulder Sudbury School – Self-Directed Learning

Self-Directed Education and Democratic Education sets the Boulder Sudbury School apart from other schools. Some features include autonomy, mixed ages, free-range learning, gradeless systems, and highly social aspects of human experience, such as play.  3-minute video on Self-Directed Education

The Mackintosh Academy – International Baccalaureate Program for the Gifted Child

Macintosh Academy offers an inquiry-based International Baccalaureate Program designed to meet the unique needs of gifted and talented learners. They’ve navigated the pandemic peerlessly and we love leading Adventure Quest and Dungeon Delver programs on their large 23-acre campus! 


The Friends School – Head, Hand, and Heart

Dear to RA Director’s heart, because Friends was the first school he started leading AQ afterschool programs at back in 1995. Since then we’ve enjoyed an invigorating relationship with their children and their peerless playground! Friends is committed to fostering a dynamic well-rounded education of the whole child – head, hand, and heart, as well as train future teachers for tomorrow’s classroom.


Bixby School – Hands-On Learning in Small Groups (& No Homework!)

Bixby creates an emotionally safe, non-graded, non-competitive environment focused on engaging learning opportunities in small groups. A unique school for not assigning homework, as they believe that essential learning opportunities exist in a child’s activities outside of school and with their family. Class sizes are small, 8-10, with a teacher-student ratio of 8:1. 


Temple Grandin School – Support on the Spectrum

TGS provides a comprehensive program to address the socio-academic needs of students with Asperger’s syndrome or similar learning profiles. Class sizes of 4-8, with a staff-to-student ratio of 1:3, sets Temple Grandin apart!