Updated 5/6/21

COVID-19 and changes to RA Programs

Renaissance Adventures abides by all County, State, and National COVID Safety Protocols and Regulations.

  • Come Join our In-Person Camps! We are following all guidelines and recommendations of the CDC, Colorado Department of Health, and Boulder County Public Health.  We plan on being outside as much as the weather allows, in small groups of children, socially distant, wearing masks, and utilizing sanitized bathrooms in private schools (no public bathrooms).  The private schools provide facilities for handwashing, bathroom use, and rainy day questing. 
  • In-Person Camps in Boulder and Denver:  We are offering in-person camps at September School in West Boulder, Temple Grandin School in East Boulder, and Mackintosh Academy in East Boulder, as well as at the Denver Waldorf School.   
  • Online Camps: We are also offering Adventure Quest and Dungeon Delver (D&D) programs online via Zoom.  Our online programs have received positive feedback from the participants and their parents!
  • It’s OK to Cancel! We offer generous credits and refunds for missed days and sessions due to COVID. Click here to read about our session change/cancelation policy.

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Abbreviated Summary of RA’s COVID Safety Precautions for In-Person Programs

Colorado Health Department’s Protocols for Childrens’ Day Camps and Youth Sports Camps: https://covid19.colorado.gov/childrens-day-camps-youth-sports-camps


  • Health screening questions and reminders of safety protocols will be emailed to you within 24 hours of the start of your program.
  • Provide a clean cloth mask (not a bandana or gaiter) for your child each day. We have spares if you forget or if their mask breaks.
  • Please supervise your child in washing their hands before they come to camp.
  • Keep your child out of camp if they have any symptoms of sickness, or if anyone in your household has had close contact with someone who has symptoms that could be COVID. 

Daily at the Start of Camp:

  • A confirmation letter will be sent the week before your program begins. Please check this letter for details on drop-off procedure at your location.  Most locations will require campers to stay in their car for a temperature check and health questions.  Please wear a mask and guide your child to wear a mask during sign-in.
  • Your child will be led to their small questing group and will wash their hands.

During Camp:

  • On the first day of camp, all Questers will be taught the COVID safety protocols.
  • Social distancing and mask-wearing for all ages will be required. The only exception to social distancing will be short sword duels that will bring the Questers closer than six feet from each other.
  • All programs will occur outdoors unless it is raining. There are outdoor rain shelters at some sites, and there are clean indoor private school facilities at all sites.
  • The small questing group of six children will stay separate from all other campers or will be assigned one other group of six children as a cohort. That cohort of 12 youth may play and duel with each other but no other children at the camp.
  • Bathrooms and all common items such as door handles and Swasher swords are sanitized frequently.
  • Your child will be assigned one or more Swasher swords for their personal use, not to be shared with others. Campers are also encouraged to bring their person Swasher Sword or to purchase one of their own. Our online store can be found here: online store.
  • Designated staff will lead campers from the public parks to the nearby private schools for use of the bathrooms. 
  • Staff will be equipped with hand sanitizer, isopropyl alcohol, nitrile gloves, and  tissues
  • Personal items and food will not be shared between campers.

When to Stay Home and When to Return

  • If your child or anyone in your household has had direct contact with someone who has symptoms that are similar to COVID symptoms.
  • If your child has any flu-like symptoms or other symptoms similar to COVID symptoms.
  • If you or anyone in your household tests positive for the Coronavirus.
  • Campers who test positive for the Coronavirus will be allowed to return 72 hours after recovery, as defined by resolution of fever without the use of fever-reducing medications, improvement of respiratory symptoms, and at least 14 days have passed since the onset of symptoms.


  • Our staff is trained in the most up-to-date Covid Safety Protocols.
  • All staff are screened each morning
  • Staff members are granted paid leave if they miss work for any COVID-related reason, such as symptoms of sickness, any household member being sick, any household member having close contact with someone diagnosed with COVID, etc.
  • RA has on-call staff to cover for staff who stay home for any reason.
  • Staff who test positive for Coronavirus will not be allowed to return to in-person work until they meet the criteria detailed in the “When to Stay Home and When to Return” section of this information.
  • Staff who suspect they may have had direct contact with someone who may have had the Coronavirus will be required to stay home until they receive a Negative COVID test result.

Refunds and Credits 

We know that emergencies come up and illnesses occur.  We do our best to be accommodating in these situations.

Click here to read about our session change/cancelation policy.

Testimonial from an Infectious Disease Physician

As an infectious disease physician, I have been impressed to no end with Renaissance Adventures this summer. They have been extremely rigorous in devising and enforcing COVID-19 safety protocols across the board, every day. 

Because of this, I feel confident sending my children to camp, and they have attended multiple weeks this summer! Thank you, RA!

Dr. Heather Pujet, Boulder Community Hospital, Summer 2020

As always, please reach out to us with your questions and concerns:  info@renaissanceadventures.com