COVID-19 and changes to RA Programs

With restrictions imposed on gatherings due to the Coronavirus, our summer is looking a bit different than usual! We are offering many different options this summer.   The team at RA is following advice from local health officials and has made programming decisions around guidelines and recommendations made by groups such as the CDC, Colorado Department of Health, and Boulder County Public Health.  As of May 22nd, we have been granted permission by Boulder County Public Health to run our West Boulder in-person camps. 

***For information on our in-person camp safety precautions, click here. ***


Here’s our current plan: 

  • In-Person Camps in Boulder:  Our September School and Eben G. Fine programs are now taking registrations.  Both of these programs will be based out of September School which is in close walking distance to Eben G. Fine park.
  • In-Person Camps in Littleton, Longmont: We have made the decision to cancel our Littleton and Longmont camps for this summer.  We are not allowed to run our camps if we are based out of a park.  Unfortunately, our Littleton and Longmont camps are run at the parks. Without our own private building to use for bathrooms and handwashing, we are not able to use these locations.
  • In-Person Camps at Denver Waldorf School:  Denver Waldorf has decided to not allow groups to use their building this summer.  We have canceled our June programs but are still taking a waiting list for July and August.  We are working hard to find an alternative location for our July and August Denver based camps.  We will make a decision by July 3rd as to whether these programs will be happening or not.  If not, we will be offering Home Quests in the greater Denver area where we send a Quest Leader to your home for an exciting quest.
  • Online Camps: We are offering virtual camps over the summer months and will continue to offer online programs even when in-person camps resume. Our spring online afterschool programs have been an exciting and fun success for our clients, so please join us for our summer online camps! 

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We realize that you may have questions around programs and finances.   Please read through the following information for details.

Virtual Camps- How do they work? 

We are offering both Adventure Quest and Dungeon Delvers (D&D) camps online this summer. Our virtual programs meet on Zoom with small groups of 6 kids or less per Quest Leader. Kids are immersed in an exciting Adventure Quest or Dungeon Delvers tabletop RPG (role-playing game) where they interact in the theater of the mind!  Kids who have never attended our programs and are interested in signing up for an online program are encouraged to sign up for one of our FREE Intro to Questing or Intro to Dungeon Delvers programs. There is no need to sign up for an Intro to Online camp class if your camper is only hoping to attend an in-person camp. 

How are we handling in-person camp registrations?  

We are currently accepting registrations for our Boulder Camps at September School and Eben G. Fine. As soon as restrictions are lifted, we will resume our weekly in-person summer day camp sessions at our other locations in small groups of six children, with added safety protocols.

  • You may now register for our Boulder Camps. Click here to log in to register.
  • For those of you who have already signed up for in-person camps at Denver Waldorf, we will be holding your spot for you in the sessions that you have signed up for until we receive permission to run those programs.  If you know now that you wish to cancel that reservation, please see the section below on refunds and credits. 

In-Person Camps – What changes will be made to promote good health at camp?


  • Groups will be kept to 6 campers or less.  Activities within the group will be set up to allow for distancing between participants whenever possible. Masks will be required for everyone when less than 8’ apart. 
  • Groups will be combined with one other group to form a cohort of 12 or fewer campers, or in rare situations, with two other groups to form a cohort of 18 or fewer campers.  During specific short periods of time (30 minutes at lunch, and potentially 10-20 minutes in the morning and 10-20 minutes in the afternoon), campers may quest and sword duel with the children in their cohort. Cohorts stay consistent throughout the week. Otherwise, each camper is only with their smaller Questing group of six campers.
  • We will have handwashing/hand sanitizer available at all locations and will make sure that campers and staff are stopping several times per day, especially at the start of the program and before snack and meals, to wash their hands. 
  • There will be a designated area to care for, isolate and quarantine sick campers. Sick campers and staff will be sent home.
  • For a complete list of safety measures, click here 

What if I want to switch sessions from an online camp to an in-person camp or vice-versa?

We are waiving our usual session change fee this summer.  If you have registered your child for an in-person program, you can switch to an online camp with no transfer fee. Likewise, if you register for an online program and later if our in-person programs are able to run, you would like to switch to an in-person camp, you will be allowed to make that change with no fees.  You can request that monies paid towards your in-person camp be transferred to cover the cost of your online program. 

Knight CIT (Counselor-in-Training)- what is happening with the CIT program? 

We have moved  CIT training to Week 6, the week of June 29th in Boulder.  Our June 1st and June 8th CIT training sessions have been canceled.  Teens who have gone through the CIT Training in past years may sign up to CIT prior to the CIT Training.  CITs will be limited to attending as a CIT to 3 weeks to make sure that we have enough spots for all interested to come be a CIT this summer. 

Overnight Camp Update

With heavy hearts, we have made the decision to cancel our overnight program.  Unlike our day camps where small groups can stay outdoors and separate from each other, the overnight camp includes a lot of people inside buildings for meals and gatherings, and bunking in small cabins. We do not feel we can make the overnight camp environment as safe as we need it to be. We have every intention of offering this program again during the summer of 2021.  

Refunds and Credits 

You may be wondering about your payments and refunds. Our cancellation policy allows for a full refund of all payments made for summer camp programs. The only non-refundable charge for our summer programs is the one-time registration fee of $25 per participant  This fee covers the cost of our website, communications, registration site and office support involved in your registration. This fee is only once per year and covers you from the Summer 2020 season through Spring 2021. 

We are prepared to refund your full payment if necessary.  Please know that summer tuition helps to support the core team of six office and management staff who work year-round to prepare for the summer camp.

In the spirit of supporting our small business, we hope that you might consider one of the following options: 

  1. Use your credit towards an online summer program or a home quest for your family and friends in your neighborhood.
  2. Ask for a partial refund, leaving some of your payment in your account as a credit for future programs in 2020 or beyond.

Please contact us if you decide you would like to make changes to your current registration at this point.