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Summary of RA’s Illness and COVID-19 Protocols


(As per discussions with the Colorado Dept. of Public Health, and referencing this document –  How Sick is too Sick?):

  • Sick with COVID-19 – stay home. CDPHE Isolation and Quarantine Guidance
  • Sick with Any Contagious Illness – stay home if you have cold, flu, or COVID symptoms such as a fever, sore throat, congestion, coughing, sneezing, or a runny nose.
  • Close Contact with COVID-19: Your child is not required to stay home after close contact with someone who has COVID-19;  however, if the close contact was in an enclosed space (such as indoors or in a car) and your child is not up-to-date with vaccinations and boosters, then we ask that they mask at camp for 10 days after close contact.  It is also an option to cancel their session or switch them to a different week. 
  • If Not Feeling Well Enough to Participate – if your child is not up to participating due to being overly tired or under the weather in any way, we ask that you keep them home for the day.
  • NOTE – Alert the RA Director if Sick – If your child is attending camp and develops symptoms of any contagious illness or has close contact with someone who has COVID, then immediately alert the Director, Mark Hoge. Mark can be reached at Director@RenaissanceAdventures.com, or on his cell at 720-280-3579.



      • Sick with COVID-19: Your camper can return to camp 10 days after onset of symptoms (or 5 days after + be at camp for 5 days practicing social distancing or masking), only after a full 24 hours have passed after recovery, as defined by resolution of fever without the use of fever-reducing medications, improvement of respiratory symptoms, and no symptoms that could be contagious (runny nose, coughing, sneezing, congestion, etc).
      • Sick with Any Contagious Illness: Your camper can return to camp after a full 24 hours have passed after recovery, as defined by the resolution of fever without the use of fever-reducing medications, improvement of respiratory symptoms, and no symptoms that could be contagious (runny nose, coughing, sneezing, congestion, etc).
      • Ask if Unsure: If in doubt about when to return to RA programs, ask the RA Director, Mark Hoge, Director@RenaissanceAdventures.com, cell 720-280-3579.


RA’s Illness & COVID-19 Protocols
Renaissance Adventures abides by all County, State, and National COVID Safety Protocols and Regulations. We are following all guidelines and recommendations of the CDC, Colorado Department of Health, and Boulder County Public Health.

CDC & Colorado Dept. of Health School Guidance.

  • Excellent Track Record: There was no known spread of COVID-19 at our summer programs due to careful safety protocols. 
  • The Changing State of COVID: RA’s COVID protocols will depend on the state of COVID and the guidance of the CDC and the County and State Health Departments and may shift at any point to accommodate new guidelines.
  • Outdoor Programs: We aim to have our programs outside as much as possible. Athletic activities, such as our Swasher tag games will always be outside, not indoors.  Campers and staff are no longer required to wear masks or social distance. 
  • Indoor Programs: Campers and Staff may be asked to wear masks or social distance if community transmission levels reach medium or high status and the CDC and the County and State Health Departments require these measures be taken.
  • Other COVID Protocols: Campers and staff will be washing hands frequently. Staff sanitizes bathrooms, handles, and other high-touch items.  Staff will continue to sanitize commonly touched objects such as door handles. See the illness and COVID details below on when to stay home and when to return to camp. 
  • It’s OK to Cancel Due to Illness:  We offer credits for missed days and sessions due to illness. Please contact us if your child has missed camp and you would like to receive a credit. info@renaissanceadventures.com

Testimonial from an Infectious Disease Physician: As an infectious disease physician, I have been impressed to no end with Renaissance Adventures this summer. They have been extremely rigorous in devising and enforcing COVID-19 safety protocols across the board, every day. Because of this, I feel confident sending my children to camp, and they have attended multiple weeks this summer! Thank you, RA!
~Dr. Heather Pujet, Boulder Community Hospital, Summer 2020
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On-Site Health Precautions


  • Please supervise your child in washing their hands before they come to camp.
  • Prepare your child with clothing suitable for being outdoors in the weather.

During Camp

  • Hand Washing: all participants will wash hands or use hand sanitizer before and after lunch and after using the bathroom.
  • Outdoor Questing: All programs will occur outdoors unless the weather prohibits outdoor questing. Even in the case of rain or snow, prepare your child to be outdoors, as we’ll do our best to spend some time outdoors each day.
  • Masks and Social Distancing Not Required: masks and social distancing are optional both indoors and out. If the community COVID levels are rated medium or high by the CDC then masking will be required indoors, but still not outdoors and RA’s summer camps are outdoor programs.
  • Frequent Sanitization: Bathrooms and all common items such as door handles and Swasher swords are sanitized frequently.
  • Bathroom Use: Bathrooms are sanitized frequently, and are located at rented private schools or public restrooms, depending on the site.
  • Supplies: Staff will be equipped with hand sanitizer, isopropyl alcohol, nitrile gloves, and tissues. Site Supervisors also have bleach water sprays and other cleaning supplies.


  • All staff are trained in RA’s most up-to-date Covid Safety Protocols.
  • All staff are screened each morning.
  • Staff have Sick Leave benefits to cover sick days.
  • RA has extra staff to be on call to cover for staff who stay home due to illness.
  • All staff will follow the guidelines detailed above, in the “When to Stay Home” and “When to Return to RA” sections.

As always, please reach out to us with your questions and concerns.  Email us at: info@renaissanceadventures.com or reach out to the RA Director, Mark Hoge, by email at  Director@RenaissanceAdventures.com or call 720-280-3579.

Colorado COVID Information Websites: