Sword Skirmish: Hero Mission

An exciting feat of heroism, of swashbuckling, and of negotiation!

The brave heroes have been mustered to accomplish the unthinkable: defeat the dread ice dragon! This and other goal-oriented games await the children in an active, outdoor activity. Children work together as a team in a non-competitive story game as they battle against foes and emerge the heroes of a great quest. Like Adventure Quest, there are some dilemmas and brainstorming involved in the Hero Games, but the participants do not choose mythical archetypes, do not make decisions that affect the quest, and do not undergo the mental challenges that sometimes arise in a quest.


  • 1 hour ($150) Includes up to 10 children and one Quest Leader.
  • Add an additional Quest Leader for up to 10 more participants ($80 per hour per Quest Leader).
  • You can combine this event with a Storytelling & Theater performance

Details & Options

  • Ages 6 to adult

  • Up to 10 participants per Quest Leader

  • Ideal length: 1 hour

  • Can be customized to fit the theme of your party

  • Can be combined with Storytelling & Theater events