Dungeon Delvers RPG Parties

Birthday Parties & Events for Ages 10 to Adult

Dungeons and Dragons

Dungeon Delvers: exciting tabletop roleplaying games!

Bring our Dungeon Delvers program to your special event and let our expert game masters entertain your guests with a tabletop RPG program that utilizes the Dungeons & Dragons™ tabletop game system. Partygoers explore and create an adventure in the fantasy world of one of the most popular tabletop roleplaying games. Play as a powerful wizard, crafty rogue, swift warrior, mystical healer, or another exciting archetype. The hero’s journey is full of challenges – dangerous beasts, mythical monsters, negotiations, and mysteries to solve.

Partygoers play pre-generated characters as they travel through the adventure.  We welcome experienced DD players as well as participants who have never played Dungeons and Dragons™ before.  This program works well for birthday parties and special events. Offering Boulder RPG Parties and Denver RPG  Parties.



  •  2 hours ($250), 2.5 hours ($290), 3 hours ($330). Pricing includes up to 6 participants and one Quest Leader.
  • Add additional Quest Leaders for 6 more participants per Quest Leader – 2 hours ($160), 2.5 hours ($200), 3 hours ($240)

Details & Options

  • Ages 10-Adult

  • Best with similarly aged participants

  • For new and experienced DD Players

  • Enjoyed by adults

  • Boulder RPG Parties

  • Denver RPG Parties

  • Fun for Birthday Parties!