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Our parties and events are based in role-playing quests and adventures, offering a unique and unforgettable good time! Allow Renaissance Adventures to lead an unforgettable party or event for child or teen, ages 5-17.

In-person or Online

*All birthday parties will take place Online until further notice*

Check out our signature in-person quests, team games, treasure hunts, and our online Adventure Quest, and Dungeon Delvers role-playing (RPG) parties! Allow us to choose the theme, or request a theme of your own. Be a hero in a new Star Wars-themed adventure, journey as Frozen-themed princesses in a Treasure Quest, rally teams in Viking capture the flag, or pick another idea that delights you! Our staff come in costume, equipped with safe foam swords and other fun props that support the adventure that awaits!

Covid-19 Precautions

We are dedicated to keeping your children safe throughout the covid-19 pandemic and have worked hard to ensure that we are following all CDC best practices in all of our programming. What this means for our in-person birthday parties:

  • We require parents to choose an outdoor party location that is within easy walking distance of their private home for use of bathroom facilities. In this way we will avoid any potential contamination via public restroom use. The party may be held in the back yard, a near-by green space, open space or park.
  • As we draw closer to winter it will become increasingly important to choose an indoor space for back-up in the case of truly inclement weather. That said, we are not afraid of the elements, rather, we love them! Our all weather/all season birthday parties are wildly successful, and enjoyable so long as participants dress accordingly. Ahoy, let the party begin!
My son had the most wonderful time at his birthday party. Thank you for making it so magical. You could tell by the huge smiles on the children’s faces that everyone had a blast. It was the best birthday party we’ve ever had. My only concern is how to top this next year!
Stephanie Clarke, parent
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My 11yo son and his friends had a blast with Renaissance Adventures birthday party! Thank you so much!
Yulia Rirdan, parent

Questions? We're here to help!

General Pricing

  • $150 the first hour, $100 per hour thereafter for in-person parties (online party prices are slightly lower).
  • Additional fees apply for add-ons, or special distance travel.
  • Each additional Quest Leader is $80 per hour (each party has a maximum number of participants per base price).

Party Favors, Birthday Add-Ons, & Memorable Gifts

Give your participants treasure at the end of the quest for a party favor that will be remembered and cherished!

Fun add-ons and gifts may be purchased, such as pouches with polished stones for party favors, the gift of a foam sword, or board games. These birthday party add-ons and gifts are integrated into the experience and will be remembered for their important role in the story.

See our store for ideas of extra gifts to include with the party.

Birthday Add-ons & Gift Purchases:

$4 each: Faux velvet pouches with polished rocks and pyrite (fool’s gold) are a great party favor that is integrated into the adventure!

Price Varies: At the end of the adventure, the very sword that the birthday child was wielding is theirs to keep! See our Store for pricing & availability.

Price Varies: We only carry the best family-friendly games, such as Fluxx, Once Upon a Time, Dominion, and many others. See our Store for pricing & availability.

$100 or $300: Add a medieval tent to the gathering for a truly magnificent backdrop! We can bring a 10’ x 10’ pop-up tent that we cover in a medieval overlay for $100, or an authentic 12’ x 12’ tent that requires considerable set-up time for $300.

Swasher Rental

Would you like to use our foam swords for the entire weekend? Call us to decide what kinds of Swashers you would like to rent, and to set up the pick up and drop off times.

  • $50 for three-day rental, plus $2/swasher

  • Damage deposit required; see our Store for replacement costs

  • May not be available during the summer (our busy season)

  • Call us for longer rental periods

Party Invitations

Invitation to Birthday Parties in Colorado

Hosting a Renaissance Adventures party? We are happy to offer you a free ready-made party invitation to send to the guests. Just print it, fold it, and fill out the information specific to your party.

Click here to download the invitation

Invitation to Birthday Parties in Colorado
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