A Love of Summer Camps & Adventure

The Story of Renaissance Adventures

Mark Hoge started Renaissance Adventures in 1995 after many years in the summer camp industry, as well as engaging in the boy scouts and live-action roleplaying games. What started as a small after-school enrichment program in Boulder, Colorado quickly grew into a well-loved community of kids and adults that create adventures together in locations across Colorado and beyond.

Aaron Pirnack joined Renaissance Adventures in 2000 as a Quest Leader. With his love of experiential education and knack for organizational skills, he has since partnered with Mark to steer the direction of Renaissance Adventures into the future.

What We Love about Renaissance Adventures

We deeply value creativity, authenticity, responsible empowerment, and self-expression. What we have discovered is that a heart-centered live-action roleplaying game for kids can spontaneously create a strong community where kids get to truly experience what it is like to make important decisions, succeed as a “whole person” (overcoming physical, mental, and social challenges), and in the process have an incredibly fun time.

Mission & Vision

Our programs are experiential education through live-action roleplaying games. We inspire youth to rise to their potential by facilitating a journey of discovery, excitement, and responsible empowerment.