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Develop 21st century skills within the odyssey of an exciting, outdoor, live-action roleplaying game

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Youth Programs for Girls and Boys Ages 6-18

Children can become a wizard, a knight, a princess, a shapeshifter, a jedi, or anything they’re excited about, and become the heroes of an adventure like the ones they read about and watch.

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Quests Every Week of the Summer

 Instead of a summer camp with the same old sports, activities, and camp songs, we offer an active outdoor program that we think is more fun than video games and more memorable than theme parks, with a lasting educational value. Our summer day quests are a week-long experience that is fun and extraordinary. Each week is a different quest with its own plot, theme, and challenges. Many kids return week after week every summer.

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Fun Birthday Parties for Kids of All Ages

Let Renaissance Adventures join your party or event to lead a variety of creative and unique parties for ages 6 – adult. Most activities can be customized to a particular theme or set of challenges, such as allowing the participants to be warriors and wizards, ninjas and samurai, Norse or Greek legends, medieval knights in Charlemagne’s court, or even characters from a favorite book or movie series.

My son had the most wonderful time at his birthday party. Thank you for making it so magical. You could tell by the huge smiles on the children’s faces that everyone had a blast. It was the best birthday party we’ve ever had. My only concern is how to top this next year!

Stephanie Clarke, parent
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Enriching Alternatives to Childcare,
and More Fun than Movies or Video Games!

In Adventure Quest, the puzzles and mysteries, moral dilemmas, and other challenges of the quest are regarded with creative imagination as playful opportunities for experiential learning.

Experiential Education Outcomes

Our programs offer an unforgettable experience, fun in every way, and an incredible tool to develop 21st century skills:


Challenges within the story are often daunting, and the group is only successful when they can work together as a team, utilizing the strengths of each individual.

Social Development

Motivations of characters within each story are complex, and when the participants interact with these personalities in a genuine way, they come to understand how to communicate in a positive way.

Conflict Resolution

Students are often presented with scenarios of conflict that can only be resolved when an agreement can be made, whether it be between two great nations or a household of bickering siblings.

Imagination & Creativity

Through an interactive story, with scenes and monsters and realms described by a brilliant storyteller, the stage is set for creative expression and imaginative exploration—some of their greatest strengths.

Critical thinking

Students develop and practice critical thinking and problem solving skills throughout their mythic adventure. For instance, when the plot or characters of the story take an unexpected turn, participants must puzzle through a solution that is not readily obvious.

Responsible empowerment

Roleplaying games offer the participant the ability to choose their actions in a safe environment; when a goal is reached and a challenge overcome by the participants’ actions, it allows the children to realize that they can overcome other situations in their own lives.

Skills education & training

Within the quest, the leaders have an opportunity to teach skills that would help the kids succeed in their adventures. Mathematics helps one group pass through a trapped corridor filled with a number pattern; cryptograms on a pirate’s map test the kids in their language abilities; making a wilderness shelter teaches survival…

Client Testimonials: We Love our Clients, And They Love Us.

See what some of the 3,500+ satisfied parents and educators are saying about our programs:

It’s really impressive how they teach the kids by solving riddles and working together as a team in their mythical quests. Rachel’s favorite activity was sword fighting, especially with a purple sword.

Glenndel Prochnow, Parent & Owner, MileHighMom.com

We at Horizons have been greatly impressed with the programs offered by Renaissance Adventures. Their talent to inspire creative imaginative play blended with their ability to physically interact with our students in a fun, safe and nurturing manner has made the classes very popular with the students in our school. I highly recommend their program and have found the staff to be very positive role models for our students.

Kim Hanson, Community Liaison, Horizons School, Boulder, Colorado

Incredibly creative staff who introduce serendipity into every quest, perpetuating the sense of magic for those children and adults who are on the verge of losing it.

Ellen Greenhouse, psychologist

A High-Quality Experience

Children's camp in Boulder, CO

We strive to bring you the best youth programs that can be found, tailored to the unique strengths and interests of your child. We have a customer satisfaction guarantee and thousands of repeat clients. Here are a few of the features that keep our standards high.

  • Small groups of six children per Quest Leader support close relationships and a meaningful experience

  • A new quest every time, customized by the students’ interests

  • Challenges develop physical, social, and mental skills. Challenges are tailored to match participant’s skill level and areas of growth.

  • Students are grouped by age, experience, and interest for best fit, when possible

  • Each program is customized based on the interests, skills, and needs of the participants

  • A rigorous five-hour application process allows us to successfully hire exceptional people.

  • A 70+ hour training seminar gives our staff the additional skills they need to lead this unique and exciting program

  • We believe that physical and emotional safety are equally important, and are the highest priority. Quest Leaders act swiftly and compassionately to uphold physical and emotional safety

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