Office Manager:  We are looking for an energetic "people person" to join our team and manage our registration and office duties. In this position, you will be responsible for a variety of routine and non-routine administrative and clerical tasks including bookkeeping, registration and database management, customer communications, filing, phone support, and more. If you are a multi-tasking genius with a sense of humor and professional demeanor who enjoys working with people in a dynamic environment, then click here to view a detailed job description.  

Part-time & Full-time Quest Leaders: Summer positions are open for part-time 28-30 hours/week (approximately 8am-1:45pm), and full-time 38-40 hours/week (approximately 8am-4:45pm), or a mix of both part-time and full-time. Fridays require working an additional 30-60 minutes at the end of the day (paperwork). We are looking for a handful of new staff to join our merry band of returning staff.

Part-time WEEKENDS – Birthday and Festival Leader: We are looking for one or two charismatic and professional staff people to do most of the weekend birthdays and festivals. This person needs to have great communication skills, and be willing and able to market our programs to parents at festival booths.

Part-time OFF-SEASON - fall, winter, and spring: We often need part-time staff during the off-season for weekend birthday parties, weekday after school classes, and half or full day holiday quests. Hours vary, but generally are not a lot, except during school holidays. These positions are often great for university students to get hours outside of class times.

WAGES: Starting wages are $10/hour for most of our programs, and $20/hour for birthdays on weekends. Occasionally, higher wages are offered to exceptionally experienced new staff. Raises are given each year.


Being a Quest Leader at Renaissance Adventures offers the opportunity to work with children and/or teens in a creative and meaningful job. Renaissance Adventures is an outdoor work environment with a team of communicative and supportive coworkers. Quest Leaders focus on creating a fun live-action roleplaying environment, while facilitating the experiential education goals of ethical reasoning, self-esteem, critical thinking, social skills, fitness, and teamwork.


  • Required: experience working with children and/or teens
  • Required: improvisational acting and storytelling skills
  • Required: high energy and physical fitness for hiking and swashbuckling
  • Required: a love for the fantasy genre (we play a fantasy-themed live-action roleplaying game with the kids).
  • Required: 18 years of age and older
  • Optional: experience playing and/or leading roleplaying games (live action or tabletop)
  • Optional: conflict resolution skills, teambuilding and leadership skills, training in therapy or childhood education
  • Optional: martial arts, swordsmanship, arts and crafts.
  • Required: apply by 3/20, and be in Boulder for the group improvisational acting audition during the last week of March or first week of April.
  • Being a Quest Leader is physically demanding (hiking and swashbuckling with a group of 5-7 children or teens for 5-8 hours/day), and requires maturity, professionalism, patience, conflict resolution skills, and great playfulness and compassion.


    APPLY BY MARCH 20TH: If you are interested in becoming a Quest Leader for the upcoming summer, submit an application by March 20th. We may extend that deadline if we need more applicants. We accept applications all year round, but do not begin our hiring process until February. Apply with the link below. If you have any questions about the application, please send an email via contact form Attention: Eric

    AUDITIONS – The Last Week of March: Applicants who show the most potential in their Job Application, are invited to participate in a group improvisational acting, storytelling, and roleplaying audition. Five applicants and the Director, Mark, meet and play acting games together. You do not need to prepare anything for the audition. This is a requirement for being hired. Auditions are held the week of spring break (generally the last week of March), and potentially the first week of April.

    FINAL INTERVIEW: The applicants who showed the most potential in their applications and audition are invited to a final interview.

    STAFF TRAINING: We pay a small stipend of $200 to new staff, for completing the staff training certificate program, that usually takes place during the last two weeks of May and the first week of June in Boulder.

    HIRED: All staff must have a social security number for being an employee, and all will have a background check done on them. We require all staff to be mandatory reporters of child abuse (if you suspect abuse in the home environment or elsewhere, you are required to report on it).

    Apply here!