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Want to work with kids? Know someone who would be a great camp counselor? We offer great outdoor jobs!

Each of our regions is hiring for different positions, but all locations are looking for more quality Quest Leaders each year to join our returning staff. To see open positions for a specific region and more detailed application information, see Colorado Employment and Bellingham Employment.

Quest Leader Position

Being a Quest Leader at Renaissance Adventures offers the opportunity to work with children and/or teens in a creative and meaningful job. Renaissance Adventures is an outdoor work environment with a team of communicative and supportive coworkers. Quest Leaders focus on creating a fun live-action role-playing environment, while facilitating the experiential education goals of ethical reasoning, self-esteem, critical thinking, social skills, fitness, and teamwork.

Required Skills and Experience

  • Required: experience working with children and/or teens

  • Required: improvisational acting and storytelling skills

  • Required: high energy and physical fitness for hiking and swashbuckling

  • Required: a love for the fantasy genre (we play a fantasy-themed live-action roleplaying game with the kids).

  • Required: 18 years of age and older by the time summer camp begins (typically the first week of June)

  • Optional: experience playing and/or leading roleplaying games (live action or tabletop)

  • Optional: conflict resolution skills, teambuilding and leadership skills, training in therapy or childhood education

  • Optional: martial arts, swordsmanship, arts and crafts.

  • Heads-up: Being a Quest Leader is physically demanding (hiking and swashbuckling with a group of 5-7 children or teens for 5-8 hours/day), and requires maturity, professionalism, patience, conflict resolution skills, and great playfulness and compassion.