Meet our Staff!

A rigorous five-hour application process allows us to successfully hire exceptional people. A 70+ hour training seminar gives our staff the additional skills they need to lead this unique and exciting program. All of our Quest Leaders are skilled teachers, storytellers, mediators, and actors. We choose leaders who can support an environment of physical and emotional safety, while cultivating a relaxed and joyful learning experience.

Each year we have new Quest Leaders join us along with many returning faces, and then there’s the year-round crew working behind the scenes to keep things going. We lovingly call them the ‘Office Trolls.’

The Office Trolls and Divas

Mark Hoge
Mark HogeFounder & Director
Mark has been leading storytelling, acting, dance, outdoor games, nature activities, swordmanship and interactive quests with children and teens since 1981. As a child and teen, Mark attended creative arts camps with his mother and grandmother. Mark began leadership training with the Boy Scouts and as an Eagle Scout. In the eighties he spent eight full summers teaching at summer camps. He has directed full-length summer camps every year since 1990, and has led Adventure Quest classes in public and private schools since the beginning of 1995. Extensive experience in psychology, improvisational theater and storytelling, hand-in-hand with a passion to discover ways to engage and empower children, has given birth to the unique and effective teaching tool of Adventure Quest. Mark has brought together a fine staff of teachers with whom he has co-created the high-quality innovative company that Renaissance Adventures is today.
Inspire 93%
Presence 86%
Aaron Pirnack
Aaron PirnackDirector & Business Manager
Aaron has a passion for experiential education and keeping one’s imagination and playfulness throughout this journey called life. He began working as a Quest Leader in the summer of 2000, and has since weaseled his way into lordship. As a writer by trade and spirit, he has written many of the quests, helped create the game rules, wrote the Worldbook, and continues to share his love of stories with others through many different venues. Aaron graduated the University of Colorado, Boulder with a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy, believes that learning is a life-long pursuit. As a Christian and free-thinker, he hopes that by allowing children to find their own unique empowerment and inspiration, perhaps each generation will outshine the last.
I read that once 96%
Fix it 85%
Mary Wolf
Mary WolfOffice Manager
Mary became involved with Renaissance adventures after moving to Boulder in 1998 as a single Mom of 3 and enrolling her children in our experiential filled summer camps. Having homeschooled her children for over 6 years, Renaissance Adventure’s philosophies and programs were a perfect fit. From direct experience, she understands the questions and concerns of the parents we serve. Her oldest son, Eric, has been a Quest leader and the Program Manager for RA.

In February of 2015 Renaissance Adventures was fortunate enough to snag Mary when she was looking for additional employment opportunities. Being a self-taught homebased business owner for five years and having worked as an Office Administrator and Program Coordinator for the last six years, she’s successfully combined her passion for helping people with her love for a tightly run office. She now oversees all the administrative functions in the office as Administrative Manager, handling all the financial matters, supervising all administrative staff and doing her best to keep everyone and everything on track, every day. She has a special talent for helping us keep our many ducks in a row and putting up with the rest of the staff’s shenanigans. If you have a “money” question, she’s your gal! Also, direct any administrative issues you have her way and she’d be happy to help you.

As if being a financial and math whiz weren’t enough, Mary also received a MA in Transpersonal Psychology from Naropa University with a focus in Art and Art Therapy. A perfect day for Mary would have to include being outdoors in the wilderness, either paddling her pink kayak along a peaceful river, or mountain biking or hiking the trails just outside her back door.

Find the path 92%
Mercantile 87%
BerylOffice Administrator
Beryl migrated to Boulder from Louisiana many years ago. She graduated from LSU with a BA in Sociology. She retired from a career in the Dept. of Health and Human Services. Beryl is currently the Office Assistant at RA. She enjoys working out, reading and writing. “I love all the creative aspects of RA. It’s quite liberating!”
Quest Lore 89%
What’s this button do? 95%
TallulahOffice Canine Companion
Having Tallulah at our office is an instant mood booster and miraculously a lot of the stress of our jobs seems to dissipate whenever she is around. She must have magic powers…or maybe she’s just too cute not to smile!
Eyes of Cuteness 94%
Keen smell 85%